Lightweight Bodybuilders: Scott Tousignant and Jay Scott Keeping It Real!

Jay Scott Full Disclosure FitnessI’m stoked to hear that my buddy… and fellow Lightweight Bodybuilder, Jay Scott is following my lead and also documenting his cutting phase on YouTube and on his blog with complete transparency.

Jay and I are very similar in stature, just about the same height, and same weight.

We’ll be doing some YouTube and podcast collaborations… sharing the experiences we’re going through as we get ripped for the Summer.

Here’s Jay’s big reveal, where he shows off his stubborn fat and talks about his goals. Complete transparency with a touch of humor ;)

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Aesthetic Muscle Journal April 15th: Post Workout Meal Ideas and a Back Workout

A fellow Metabolic Masterpiece Physique Artist recently mentioned that they didn’t like to drink a post workout shake and they were looking for whole food alternatives for their post workout meal.

In today’s behind the scenes footage I swapped out my post workout shake for one of my favorite post workout whole food meals. I also provide some other post workout meal ideas.

You’ll also see some clips from our back workout and focused calves training.

…Plus a discussion on caloric intake for us Lightweights.

@0:54 Pre-workout meal
@1:20 behind the scenes workout footage… back workout and calves workout
@4:30 Post-workout meal (whole food)
@6:00 Supplement talk
@8:45 Third meal
@9:00 caloric intake… why Lightweights need to eat less
@11:25 Snack (from my daughter)
@11:40 Dinner

NOTE: Here’s the link to the Supplement Reference Guide I mention in the video.

As I said, you do not need to take supplements in order to experience great results. For the most part,

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Aesthetic Muscle Journal April 14th: Changing Your Workout Every 4 Weeks

After 4 weeks on a three day full body workout routine we switched it up to a five day body part split routine. In today’s behind the scenes footage, I discus the reasons why I change things up every four weeks.

Of course, you’ll also see every meal I consumed today, plus some self massage tips for your upper back and shoulders. When those muscles are tight, they can negatively impact your chest workout.

Here’s my meal breakdown for the day…

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Aesthetic Muscle Journal April 13th: Training Frequency, Meals, and Captain America

Do you manipulate your training frequency throughout the year? Some lifters are creatures of habit and get stuck in their own head.

There are pros and cons to every training frequency. Whether you prefer lifting 3 days per week while following a full body workout routine… or 5 days per week following a body part split routine, it would be wise to vary your training frequency every few months…

NOTE: duplicate dinner and dessert clips… sorry about that ;)

Through experience I have found that my body responds best to training each muscle group twice per week… with one workout focused on strength and the other on hypertrophy.

This structure allows me to experience excellent strength gains in addition to increases in muscle size… and it keeps my joints healthy in the process.

Yet, if I want to maximize my gains… it’s crucial that I vary the frequency… challenging my body by either a) training each body part more often with less volume per workout… or b) training each muscle less frequently while increasing the volume per workout.

This is the type of strategic design that you can find in my latest 6 month training system called AMP – Aesthetic Muscle Plan.

Here’s what the structure looks like…

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Aesthetic Muscle Journal April 12th: Full Day Of Meals and Shopping With My Son

Short and simple behind the scenes video footage today. You’ll see my full day of meals, including what I ate at the food court while shopping with my son Shayne…

Thanks again for sharing in my journey and for allowing me to share in yours.

Sculpt a Masterpiece,

Scott Tousignant

How to get rippedAbout The Author

Scott Tousignant, BHK is a Physique Coach and Elite Natural Bodybuilder with the UFE.

Scott specializes in helping regular men and women sculpt their body into a chiseled work of art. Viewing training as an art form and your body as a sculpture is a simple shift in mindset that brings out the beauty in your ongoing body transformation.

The art of molding and chiseling an aesthetically pleasing physique with ideal proportions, spectacular symmetry, and magnificent detail is one of life’s most rewarding and fulfilling experiences. It’s an opportunity for self growth and self discovery that will impact every area of your life.

Learn more about Scott’s physique-focused training programs:

Build ROCK solid muscle with chiseled details by following Scott’s 6 month periodized muscle building system called AMP – Aesthetic Muscle Plan

Get a taste of Scott’s hardcore physique training programs with Physique Phreak

When Scott needs to urgently strip away stubborn sacks of fat for a photo shoot or bodybuilding contest, he turns to his time-tested proven system… Elite Physique system.

Check out Scott’s original physique training ‘work of art’… the Metabolic Masterpiece Body Sculpting Collection

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Aesthetic Muscle Journal April 11th: Keeping It Real and Sharing My Stubborn Fat

This could be the most important journal entry I’ve made to date… and it’s the main reason I began documenting this transformation process… 100% complete transparency.

Here I am… in my most vulnerable state… stripped down to my underwear… and I could care less about the critics, because I am more than comfortable in my own skin…

@ 0:10 breakfast
@ 0:40 topless pre-workout
@ 4:00 behind the scenes workout footage
@ 5:00 topless post-workout pump
@ 6:00 the illusion of being ripped
@ 7:30 meal
@ 8:30 Physique Artist Lifestyle discussion
@ 13:00 Dinner
@ 13:45 snack

Most of the time you see inspiring photos of people striking perfect poses under perfect lighting. I’ve been guilty of doing this myself… even taking multiple photos and selecting the best one to post online.

There’s nothing wrong with this. We all want to look our best… and when you’re sharing photos of yourself, whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, in a family photo album, or on your wall… it’s natural to strike a pose that shows off your best features… and to only share the pictures you are comfortable with… and proud of.

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Physique Frontier Podcast Episode 13: with Bryan Krahn and the Synergy Between Science and Broscience

Play Now:
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icon for podpress  Physique Frontier Episode 13 with Bryan Krahn [58:02m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

Welcome to another episode of the Physique Frontier Podcast. Joining me today is Bryan Krahn…
Bryan Krahn
…a fitness pro who embraces both the science and the broscience… evidence that’s produced in the labs and evidence that’s produced in the trenches.

Basically, Bryan epitomizes exactly what the Physique Frontier podcast is all about… and I completely resonate with his approach to physique training, his lifestyle, and his writing.

I had an absolute blast talking science and everything bro with Bryan… especially how Bryan’s beliefs have evolved over the years.

Here are just a few of the topics we talked about;

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Aesthetic Muscle Journal April 10th: Favorite Meal, Recovery Day, Embarrassing Shaving Tip For Sensitive Skin

My muscles are really sore from yesterday’s Ultimate 5 minute Full Body Cardio, so I’m taking the day off from the gym. I’m not even going to do abs or calves. My only activity will be walking my dog Chief.

In today’s behind the scenes footage you’ll see my favorite meal (especially after an intense workout).

I also share some shaving advice for guys with sensitive skin. It prevents rashes, ingrown hairs, pimples, and keeps you skin soft. It’s a bit embarrassing, but well worth it.

Plus, my daughter shares some excellent advice at the end of the video ;)

@ 0:20 Late breakfast
@ 1:00 need for recovery
@ 1:30 shaving for sensitive skin
@ 3:25 my favorite meal
@ 9:20 incredible advice from my daughter ;)

Here’s my meal breakdown for the day…

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Aesthetic Muscle Journal April 9th: 5 Minute Cardio, Urgency vs Slow and Steady, plus Cheat Meals

After 10 days in a moderate deficit my body was screaming at me for a refeed. It’s interesting, because the deficit has been very easy to manage. The only time I really notice I’m in a deficit is toward the end of a workout when my energy starts to dwindle off.

As the day went on, I kept looking better and better… my muscles were fuller, I was more vascular and I appeared more ripped!

This is the secret yo! My hormonez and insulinz have now been tricked by my refeed and I am magically burning fat at a rapid rate now ;)

Seriously though… I’m just listening to my body. I felt sincerely ravenous… like my muscles were begging for fuel… so, I gave it to them. Simple as that.

Check out my meals for the day… plus the 5 minute 30 second full body cardio from hell…

@15sec… refeed
@4:50… urgency vs slow and steady approach
@10:00… 5minute crazy cardio
@16:00… refeed dinner
@16:45… cheat meal

The Ultimate 5 Minute Full Body Cardio Workout

As you’ll see… this 5:30 second cardio workout kicked my @$$.

…I was sucking wind BIG TIME…my heart was pounding out of my chest… and I was sweating buckets.

…my quads and hammies were on FIRE! …My glutes were cramping! …My lats were screaming!

…Now that’s a full body cardio workout.

Some people come up with fancy schmancy and trendy names for this type of cardio… I just call it another day of training my @$$ off… lifting things up and putting them down.

I dare you to add this into your next workout… keeping the rest periods the same as I did… and challenging weight that allows you to hit the target reps and sets.

Rapid Fat Loss vs Slow and Steady Fat Loss

At the 4:50 mark of the video I discus whether you should take an aggressive, urgent, and rapid approach to fat loss… or a slow and steady approach to fat loss.

…I’d really love to hear your thoughts on the topic. What approach works best for you?

Here’s my meal breakdown for the day…

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Aesthetic Muscle Journal April 8th: Stubborn Calves Workout, Ripped Abs Meals, and a Weird Ball Of Fat

Today’s behind the scenes footage captured a killer routine for building stubborn calves. YES! Once again… the guy with skinny calves is dishing out advice on how to build them… and that’s a good thing.
stubborn calves workout
For some guys, building calves comes easy… some people don’t even need to train them and they’re calves are HUGE. The best advice they can give is, “Get different parents.”

But for those of us who were dealt a shitty genetic hand… we need to get creative, experiment with a variety of training techniques, and bust our ass off to force our ‘twig-like’ calves to GROW.

Today’s stubborn calves workout includes three different training tactics that have helped me add 3 inches to my calves since my last Natural Bodybuilding Contest.

Give it a try and let me know what you thing…

NOTE: As mentioned in previous videos, I find it VERY beneficial to a) Perform my calve training on off days so I have more energy, strength, and focus or b) take a 15 minute break, drink a post workout shake, then attack your calves with everything you’ve got.

Here’s my meal breakdown for the day…

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