Aesthetic Muscle Journal April 22nd: Are BCAA’s Worth The Cost?

bcaa's - are they worth it?Branched Chain Amino Acids – BCAA’s are one of those controversial supplements that people either swear by or believe they are a complete waste of money.

In today’s behind the scenes footage I share my thoughts on bcaa’s… which I haven’t used in a long time… until just recently when I decided to ‘experiment’ with them once again.

…Not sure why I suddenly feel like Bill Clinton when he told the press that he ‘experimented’ with marijuana, but didn’t inhale ;)

I’ll explain why I’m using bcaa’s again in a moment… plus share what the research reveals about branched chain amino acids…

As always, you’ll see the meals I consumed for the day and some clips from our back workout…

@0:05 Breakfast
@0:20 Weight gain damage report (from Easter indulgence)
@1:45 Meal #2
@2:56 Discussion about bcaa’s – branched chain amino acids
@10:57 Dinner
@11:05 Back workout

What Does The Research Say About BCAA’s?

As far as I can tell…

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Physique Frontier Podcast Episode 14: The JOY of Training with Joy Victoria

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icon for podpress  Physique Frontier Episode 14 with Joy Victoria [49:29m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

Welcome to another episode of the Physique Frontier Podcast. Joining me today is Joy Victoria…
Joy Victoria
…a strength and conditioning coach who embraces the joy of learning and evolving through a variety of training experiences.

During our conversation, Joy shared some of the priceless lessons she has learned from her experiences with Crossfit, Powerlifting, Kettlebell training, and body weight training.

This lead to the topic of adherence through a holistic, lifestyle approach, which includes the activities you enjoy.

We discussed where aesthetics falls on her lists of priorities when it comes to training… as well as the importance of having patience.

Joy shared some valuable insights into posture, alignment, and structure, when it come to activating muscle.

…and we wrapped up things up with

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Aesthetic Muscle Journal April 21st: Get In The Zone Chest Workout

In today’s behind the scenes footage you’ll see how I get “In The Zone” during the first exercise of our chest workout.

Physique Training is an ‘experience’ to me. I look forward to each training session with insane enthusiasm. I love every moment of the workout. I soak up every bit of every rep. I marinate in the ‘burn’ and embrace the ‘pump’. I feed off of the fear prior to a heavy lift… harnessing the adrenaline for an incredible performance.

Gym time… is ‘me’ time. It’s my serenity. It’s a time when I am completely in-tune with myself… my thoughts, my feeling, my breath, my heartbeat, and every movement.

At first glance this may seem a bit selfish… but frankly, it’s one of the most selfless acts I take part in… because I leave the gym at peace… feeling EMPOWERED! …feeling STRONG! …feeling confident… ready to give the world the very best of myself…

@0:10 Easter damage report (weight gain)
@0:47 Breakfast
@1:05 Post calve, abs, and sprint workout meal
@2:00 Get In The Zone… your training experience
@7:34 Dinner
@7:42 Chest Workout “In The Zone”
@9:12 Post workout shake

The key to focus is to first

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Muscle Explosion: Interview with Nick Nilsson

Muscle Explosion is a unique 28 day muscle building program that I’ve been including in my yearly training since 2008. If you do a Google search for Muscle Explosion you’ll even see my image… linking to a previous website of mine, where I documented my first 28 day experience with the program…

NOTE: As you can see… I’ve been priding myself on being completely transparent for a very long time. It’s incredibly important to me, that you understand I base my recommendations on personal experiences and in depth knowledge of a product… and sincerely believe you will benefit from the product as I have.

If find it very disheartening when I see other fitness professionals recommending products for the sole purpose of making a quick buck.

Muscle Explosion is intense… challenging your muscles with a variety of training protocol.

Because Muscle Explosion is so unique in design and completely different than anything I would have created for myself, it’s a total ’shock’ to my muscles… and sparks some fear and excitement.

Frankly, I believe Muscle Explosion makes for a great compliment to just about any serious training program you may be following… and would make for a great addition to your yearly training schedule.

In this interview with Muscle Explosion creator, Nick Nilsson… we discus what makes the program unique… and what you can expect from it.

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Aesthetic Muscle Journal April 20th: Ideal Proportions and the Perfect Body

Building aesthetic muscle requires a focus on symmetry and details. It’s the ‘X’ factor, where your upper body is broad in appearance… tapering down to a narrow waist… then sweeping out with impressive thighs.

This holds true for both men and women… after all… when you round off the top and bottom of the ‘X’ it forms an hour glass, which is exactly what many women aim to achieve.

But is there such a thing as a ‘perfect’ physique with ‘ideal’ proportions?

The first time I ever came across the concept of a ‘perfect physique’ with specific measurements to aim for, was in Steve Reeves book, Building The Classic Physique The Natural Way…

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Aesthetic Muscle Journal April 19th: Arm Workout and Gun Show

Check out the behind the scenes footage from today’s killer arm workout! Oh… and we fed our ego a bit by measuring our ‘guns’ with a post workout pump ;)

Make note of the measuring tape I use… it’s great for those times when you don’t have someone else to take your measurements…

@0:10 Breakfast
@0:20 Saturday treat
@1:00 Arm Workout
@3:40 Measurements ‘gun show’
@4:50 Treat
@5:45 Dinner
@5:53 treat… Chicago Mix popcorn

Here’s my meal breakdown for the day…

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Aesthetic Muscle Journal April 18th: Stubborn Fat Progress Comparisons and Calves Workout

Keeping it REAL… taking the shirt off to compare how my physique looks today vs this time last week. I’m very pleased with the progress, especially considering I’m only in a moderate deficit, while performing next to no cardio…

Plus… a very focused and effective workout for building stubborn calves…

@0:10 Big reveal… shirtless pics… comparing 7 day fat loss progress
@3:10 Breakfast
@3:45 Calves Workout
@6:00 Dinner
@6:55 treat… beer, chips, beef jerky

Here’s my meal breakdown for the day…

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Aesthetic Muscle Journal April 17th: Abs Workout, Shoulder Sculpting, and Diet Talk

In today’s behind the scenes footage I share my fat loss results with next to no cardio and a moderate caloric deficit. You’ll also see the abs workout I followed today and behind the scenes footage of our shoulder workout…

@0:10 Breakfast and Diet Talk
@1:50 Abs Workout
@4:45 Pre-workout meal
@5:25 Behind the scenes shoulder workout
@6:30 Dinner
@6:45 treat
@8:30 bonus treat

Here’s my meal breakdown for the day…

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Aesthetic Muscle Journal April 16th: Killer Leg Workout, Pickles, Pork, and Ice Cream

In today’s behind the scenes footage of a day in the life of a Natural Lightweight Bodybuilder you’ll see clips from a killer leg workout, where we break some habits to challenge our body in a different way.

You’ll also hear about the power of pickles, see me prepare some delicious pork tenderloin with sweet potatoes, and feast your eyes on some yummy ice cream ;)

@0:30 Breakfast
@0:50 Shayne playing guitar
@1:05 Pre-workout meal
@2:05 Power of pickles
@2:44 Behind the scenes workout footage… Killer Leg workout
@5:15 Small meal
@6:30 Dinner
@9:45 ice cream

Here’s my meal breakdown for the day…

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Lightweight Bodybuilders: Scott Tousignant and Jay Scott Keeping It Real!

Jay Scott Full Disclosure FitnessI’m stoked to hear that my buddy… and fellow Lightweight Bodybuilder, Jay Scott is following my lead and also documenting his cutting phase on YouTube and on his blog with complete transparency.

Jay and I are very similar in stature, just about the same height, and same weight.

We’ll be doing some YouTube and podcast collaborations… sharing the experiences we’re going through as we get ripped for the Summer.

Here’s Jay’s big reveal, where he shows off his stubborn fat and talks about his goals. Complete transparency with a touch of humor ;)

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